Alu-Timber & Aluminium Conservatory

The wooden – aluminium facades and winter gardens systemConstruction
The supporting construction of the wooden – aluminum facades are made from wooden columns with a thickness of 50 mm and a depth that is established on the basis of static calculations.
The winter gardens are the next part of the VELLA column and beam system. The supporting construction is made up of rafters and wooden beams with widths of 50 and 60mm consisting of individual static calculations for the chosen depth.
The aluminium overlay system located on the outside of the construction assures that the glass is permanently fastened and constitutes the perfect protection for wood. The slim timber construction is made from high grade wood that is suitably protected and painted.
Wood that is protected from the outside with aluminium overlays and glass packages is the ideal solution assuring many years’ of durability without the need of frequent conservations.

Colours and finishings
We offer a full scale of RAL and NCS colours for coating the surface of the aluminum profiles with powdered varnishes. We also have many different types of polish, workmanship and varnish coated textures.
There also exists the possibility gluing the system’s profiles with imitation wood films.
The variety of finishes creates unlimited project possibilities and also allows the building to harmoniously fit in with the existing surroundings.

Durability guarantee
The technological process which includes the process of preparing the surfaces and paintings, is achieved based on the latest technologies and materials, as well as using components of renowned firms.
Thanks to the varnish coat there is even a 30 year guarantee on the adhesiveness and invariability of the colour.

Technical research
The average heat transfer coefficient for the construction amounts to 1.2 W/m2*K. The elements of the system had excellent results in the multi-staged testing , in compliance with the EN 13830 standard for “Curtain walls. Product standards”.

Research range

Result / Norm

Water tightness

R750 EN 12154:2002

Air infiltration

Class 4
the highest class according to EN 12207

Resistance to wind load

to 3000 Pa
EN 13116:2002

Thermal isolation

to 1,2 W / m2/ K

Width of glass packages

to 46 mm

Durability guarantee of the painted coat on the aluminium profiles

to 30 years