All of our doors are manufactured to the highest and most insulated quality. No effort is spared in ensuring that all our customers are guaranteed superior quality doors which will also look as good as they are.


Entrance doors

We have a range of top quality composite doors which are manufactured from the Profile Developments’ Renaissance and Palladio collections. To view these collections and for more detail, go to:

Internal Timber Doors

Door leaf construction: based on a softwood frame, strengthened with insets at the places for mounting hinges and the lock. The frame is filled with chipboard, transversally pressed, solid or with empty chambers. HDF or MDF board is used as external cladding, veneered or laminated.

The door leaf construction allows the doors to be shortened by 90 mm from the bottom. The edge left after cutting must be protected against humidity.

Finish: natural veneer: oak, Italian oak, beech tree, alder, walnut tree, birch, ash tree, wenge, maple tree, mahogany and a hole range of colours of laminated plates

Surface finish: standard transparent varnishing (semigloss) with UV varnishes, with visible grain texture characteristic for natural veneer. On request, the surfaces can be finished with coatings with a body colour from the RAL range or with paints maintaining the wood texture visible.

Leaf thickness and edge: the door leafs are manufactured with rebates; they are 40 mm thick. Optionally, leafs without rebates can be ordered.

Fixtures: door leafs are equipped with locks with 72 mm bolt spacing: BB type for keys, WC blockades, PZ type for the cylinder inset and other non-typical locks, upon former consultation Standard leafs and casings are equipped with screwed-in hinges. On the clients’ request, they can be equipped with screwed or countersunk hinges.


Aluminium doors


This series of high quality profiles with thermal break is applicable where more severe standards for acoustic and thermal insulation are required. The profiles for this series are constructed of 2 hollow extrusions separated from one another by polyamide strips PA 6.6.25 reinforced with glass fibre. An additional radiation barrier in the form of a strip in the same material provides the 4 chamber system.

– flush, single or double sash doors, open in Swing doors (double action)
– various types of windows