Glass Blocks

Glass blocks ClaroGlass

We have been fascinated by glass for a very long time. Its application in building industry is connected most of all with separating and at the same time joining the interior with outside environment. Thanks to glass blocks, we can create beautiful glazing outside as well as inside the rooms.

Glass blocks transmit light, refracting them in a beautiful way, but you can not see a person through them. They ensure intimacy, lighting and beauty. We recommend them for filling window openings, building partition walls, shower cabins, bar walls, building over terraces and many, many others.

ClaroGlass glass blocks are completely resistant to weather conditions* and:

– they transmit sun light into rooms, shaping a feeling of warmth and intimacy in them,
– they well insulate thermally,
– they well insulate acoustically, creating high comfort of rooms in which we stay (soundproofness of 42 dB),
– you can fill a window opening with them even, if the distance to the adjacent building lot is less than 4 m,
– inner reinforcement and thick glass create anti-burglary protection,
– they are a perfect material to use in object walls where high fire resistance is required – E 60 class
* except for blocks with intense colours – surface-coloured, marked Bp, which may be used only inside

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