Roller Shutters

  • manufactured from the highest quality materials: aluminium and PVC
  • characteristic of failure-free and stable operation
  • comfortable in use due to ergonomic control systems
  • may be additionally equipped with a mosquito screen that will increase the house or office usability comfort
  • protect against excessive flow of sunshine into the room in summertime and loss of heat in winter
  • provide the protection of the household members’ privacy
  • are offered in a wide range of finishing and colours

roller shutter thomond modern glazingComplete protection

Our rolling shutters not only protect against burglary. The casing with increased resistance to burglary along with the lock and bolt are discouraging enough for a potential burglar.

In wintertime, the rolling shutters provide a tight thermal barrier for the cold and, at the same time, they decrease the house or office central heating bills.





MODERN GLAZING’S rolling shutters also provide an excellent protection against sunshine, owing to which there is a pleasant chill in the house interior.