uPVC Windows


No one want to be left in the cold…

With a 5 chamber system, 2 rebate seal levels and a depth of 70mm, the “Aluplast-IDEAL 4000®” windows offer excellent thermal insulation properties – delivering a range of windows today which satisfies the standards front doors of tomorrow.

Aluplast windows combine state-of-the-art window technology with the ultimate in living comfort and guarantee many years of enjoyment.

The advantages of IDEAL 4000® at a glance

As one of the first profile manufacturing companies, Aluplast recognized the need for higher insulation and developed the top-quality system IDEAL 4000®. Neither optical characteristics nor technical aspects are compromised. Here Aluplast sets new benchmarks in modern design as well as in durability. Plastic profiles from Aluplast give a guarantee for a maximum in individuality and security in the domain of commercial buildings as well as private homes.

  • 5 chamber system for better insulation capacity (U-value 1,3)

  • glazing thickness up to 44 mm

  • depth of 70 mm

  • modern design, sloped surfaces and round flanges inside and outside

  • exchangeable sealing (black and papyrus white)

  • different annexation profiles for different annexation situations

  • possibility of covered and hidden drainage

  • great reinforcement chamber for an ideal static strains

  • design glazing bead for inside

  • possibility of easy upgrading for controlled ventilation (Regel-Air®)

  • airfoil surfaces shifted, half-shifted

  • different profile outlines for appealing optical characteristics (e.g. Round-line, E-Optics)

  • two revolving levels of sealing for a good tightness

  • easy disconnection of profile and sealing for eco-friendly recycling


Window cross section Front door cross section

Schüco (Schueco) Corona SI 82

One of the priorities of modern construction is energy-saving. Being innovative is what distinguishes our products. A 7-chamber window substantially lowers the cost of heating rooms.

The constant growth in the prices of energy carriers used to heat houses and flats robs all estate owners, with no exceptions, of their sleep. It is in our interest to learn how to save energy. The best thing to do is to begin with one’s own house.

The Schüco SI 82 Windows guarantee exceptional energy efficiency because they were originally designed to be used in Passive Houses.

The innovative technology is based on the substantially increased thermal insulation of the profile, window and the thermal frame, as well as improving window tightness through the use of aquablock technology.

Obviously, we have not forgotten about individual style and the accessibility of the full choice of the colour scheme.

Practicality needs to go hand in hand with the harmonious look

System features:

  • Profile certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt

  • Window designed in compliance with the philosophy behind the Passive House – lowers your energy costs

  • Market leading Winkhaus AutoPilot fitting in the colour silver

  • Recommended with three-pane glass with low emissivity coating and argon gas fill , U glass=0.5 W/m2K

  • 7 chambers in a sash with specially thickened walls

  • Warm SwissSpacer glass bar prevents the occurrence of thermal bridge

  • Aquablock technology improves window tightness

  • Secustic door handle helps prevent burglary

  • Computerised production line guarantees the highest standard of the finishings

  • Width of wing profile: 90 mm

  • Segment: 7-chamber profile for modern Passive Houses

Windows are one of the key elements of Passive Housing.

In conventional buildings, up to 40% heating energy is lost through windows!

In order to guarantee good heat insulation, airtight windows, with at least 5 chambers, are necessary.

For best thermoinsulation, MODERN GLAZING company recommends our top of the range SI82 window.

Effective heating oil savings and CO2 reductions through Schueco Corona SI 82 energy-saving windows satisfy both commercial and environmental requirements.

Six sealed air chambers within the frame profile provide for high thermal efficiency which was not previously possible without expensive additional measures. By replacing your old windows, you will reduce the amount of energy you use by up to 19%, the equivalent of up to 660 litres of oil for the average family home. At the same time, CO2 emissions are reduced by around 1050 m3.

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